- by Wendy Kirkland

Client Testimonials

Fantastic Methods

I take advice from many companies but now I filter them through your system to see if I am really interested in following through. I have lost a lot in my prior trading history and have been slowly turning that around since finding your fantastic methods. Thanks, Wendy.

Thank you!! A. M.

Better than other systems

I am very impressed with the results of my MERIT trades since joining your group and executing the signals. I get the signals and then execute the trade usually always better than the suggested limit amount. I will be retiring in a couple of days and will have the time to focus and study the strategies thoroughly in order to be able to see the setups myself but until then I will be executing the ones that are sent out. Keep up the excellent track record. One happy camper here :)

Thanks, F. S.


MERIT System is Profitable

I love the idea of the MERIT System and trading just the QQQs. How simple and easy! Oh and did I say profitable?

Mrs Wendy,I know I take up a lot of your precious time, and you're so nice about it, but I'm so grateful to have someone so nice to include in my daily prayers.

All the best, M. O.

New Paths

Wendy I am really grateful you did the program with Bigalow. I was never an option guy and I thought "what the heck" let’s listen... My experience is in bond futures and grains with spreads primarily. I do truly thank you for the new path.

Sincerely J. C.