- by Wendy Kirkland

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Have you ever felt stuck, frustrated, or uncertain that you're not more successful trading on your own, unable to sustain motivation and momentum, or unable to break through to the level you KNOW you can achieve?

You need an unfair advantage, an x-factor. You need someone who is there championing you and leading you to greatness and success. You need a leader to take you to the next level, whose JOB is it to make you an extraordinary trader. You need the PEP Trade Alliance community walking alongside you.

If you need support, join the PEP Trade Alliance, a community of traders whose daily success you can follow and emulate step-by-step to reach your own goals no matter how lofty they may be.

Wendy Kirkland
Author - Prime Entry Profits: A Day-Trading and Short-Term Program for the Active Trade

Who can benefit from joining?

  • Are you new to investing?
  • Do you need support after a bad trading experience?
  • Are an experienced investor who wants a supportive trade community?
  • Do you suffer from isolation burn-out?

The PEP Trade Alliance is the Solution for YOUR Success!

Contact Information

To sign up by phone, please call 888-233-1431 between 9am and 5pm ET, Monday through Friday

For trading support, please email

Join the PEP Trade Alliance Today

  • Receive a book and DVD course that covers all the trade strategy details
  • Visit and hangout as you are able in the real-time trading chat room
  • View illustrated charts as trades unfold
  • Follow our trades so you learn to recognize the trade triggers yourself (Entry, Stops, Profit Targets & Exits)
  • Receive quick-glance lists of the day's equities
  • Participate and ask questions within a supportive community of other like-minded traders
  • Make friends!
  • Celebrate Success!

Wendy Kirkland's "Truths I Know for Sure"

  1. You are entirely capable of investing and controlling your own money.
  2. You can quickly learn to identify 6 trade patterns (long and short) to day-trade everyday.
  3. You can successfully trade on up days as well as down.
  4. You can adjust the strategy time frame to suit you.
  5. You can follow trades as they take place. Watch them unfold.
  6. You can achieve trading success!